Normandy road trip.. ooh I can’t wait!

I’m planning a family road trip to Normandy. Normandy has a soft, gooey place in my heart, like one of its unctuous cheeses. We’ve got a few months build-up time and I’ll be using that time to ramp up the excitement.

I love to explore and I love the build-up to exploring: planning. I’m going to spend the next few months learning as much as I can about Normandy before we explore it.

There will be parts of this blog that are utterly-Normandy-focused – as I work my way through this current obsession. Of course, I’ve picked a destination that we can reach in a few hours. But is it really adventure if we don’t have to travel for days and battle terminals and stations and crowds to get there?

Yes! It’s a dive into the culture of another country – a different-but-familiar language; different-but-familiar food; different-but-familiar landscape and a shared but tumultuous history.

Expect references to geology, archaeology, prehistory, history, linguistics, genetics and gastronomics. It’s going to be quite a ride!

I’ll be exploring themes of nationalism and farming; culture and comparison. I want to find out if being French is very different from being English.

After all, we can see the cliffs of Normandy from the Southern-English shores on a clear day.

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