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A Lamentation, of course

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The Starling is at

His loudest today, crying

Springlings to the wind.

I think of freedom

And know it as a mental

State – freedom of thought.

I cry inside for

Ukraine: neighboured by such brute

Aggressors who pit –

Metal against flesh

For the sake of territory/

Power/stark control.

Damn these hate-humans

Who are so mired in dark want

They can’t see the stars!

What a waste of this

Existence: furiously

Pumping blood from veins.

All consciousness must

Now reel back from the darkness

Where brokers whisper –

Awful threats against

All life; chant ‘nuclear’ at

Frightened nations and –

Laugh at our despair.

And yet we are not the ones

Whose homes are bombed, we –

Sleep soundly – waking

To horrors visited far –

Off – we feel safe here –

Where starling and red

Robin cry all to these clear

Blue skies, but really –

We are no more safe

Than any sentient life

On this one planet –

While those among us

Harbour toxic death by whim

As false deterrent.

What world this that makes

One species too powerful

For reason; we fail –

Even as half of

Us prop up trees with our backs

So we can all breathe.

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