Creative Writing

This writer is always working on something interesting..

I’m currently working on a local history anthology for Heritage Eastbourne: Stories from the past brought to life through artefacts, archaeology and historical documents. They portray life in Eastbourne from pre-human landscapes to a rescue flotilla sent from Eastbourne to try and save British soldiers from Normandy in the Second World War. I’ll be covering stories on climate change; plague; crime and punishment, rebellion; piracy; smuggling; steam trains and war. the overarching them of the anthology is FAMILY.

I’m also working on a children’s book entitled ‘Moon Base Odin’, a sci-fi novel for curious 8-12 year olds based on a fictional mouse-colony on the moon. It covers moon landings, space archaeology, space junk and climate change and is very near completion. My lovely husband, Jo is creating the illustrations.

Also in the pipeline, is a Young Adult book on female pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Set in early 18th century England, Ireland, America and the Caribbean, it follows the antics of these two rebellious women as they learn how to survive in a changing world.

Keep popping back to this page for more details of upcoming stories, to include: a Neolithic boy mapping the stars; a Victorian ghost with unfinished business; a girl lost in faerie searching for her family; Rudyard Kipling from India to Bateman’s..