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Ancient Worlds is a concept-resource for teachers, home schoolers and parents to help deliver high-quality prehistorical and historical education to children from 6-16.

Products include guidebooks on specific time periods – completed guidebooks include Mesolithic Britain and Neolithic Britain, Ancinet Egypt and World War I in Sussex.

Each handbook can be enhanced with tailored products – lesson plans, worksheets and suggested activity packs, Powerpoint presentations and schemes-of-works.

“For-a-Day” packages are in the-offing and will help educators prepare and provide a fun-filled day of enhanced learning for specific topics, for example:  Ancient Britain’s First Farmers For-a-Day and Ancient-Egyptian-for-a-Day.

Other resources will also be available to purchase from the site, including flint-tool-kits, posters and craft kits.

This website is due to launch this winter 2018.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send your request to

Click the link below for a sample of the Mesolithic Handbook.

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