Aquila Magazine – Children’s Writer

aquila cover

I adore writing articles for Aquila Magazine!

The magazine is “an advanced and philosophical magazine that’s perfect for curious young humans of 8 – 12 years!”

Each month, a new topic is explored, introducing children to scintillating and humorous concepts and a thought-provoking blend of arts and sciences, history and general knowledge.

I have written numerous articles for the magazine, including Euclid of Alexandria (Here’s Looking at Euclid!), Lunar Cycles, Chinese Moon Myths, Heracleion and underwater archaeology, Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules, A walk-through Elizabethan London, Game Theory, Growing your own vegetables, wild camping, how to become a millionaire, fossil hunting, Australopithecus and our shared ancestors, fire control by early humans, Odin and his Ravens, Yggdrasil, Thor and Loki, Ancient Gods in the days of the week, Childhood Growth from foetus to 10 years old, Thinking like a Detective, The formation of Planet Earth and Yellowstone Supervolcano, Evolution of the Cute Factor and the Mechanics of Birdsong.  I’m currently working on articles on a new commission.

Through enhanced education, we place the future of humanity in capable hands.

You can take a look at some of my articles here:

Diving Heracleion

Elizabethan Streetwalk

Here’s looking at Euclid

How to find a Black Hole

How you grow 2

How you grow


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