The Sussex School of Archaeology

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I started managing the Sussex School of Archaeology in 2014.

The school provides archaeological training, courses and events for adults across Sussex and has taken inspiration from the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) program at the University of Sussex.

We run the annual Sussex Archaeology Symposium, featuring guest speakers from across the region delivering the latest in archaeological news, projects and research, from academics to professional archaeologists and hobbyists.  The event has been very popular and a highlight of the archaeological program, here in Sussex.

We have also held the Holleyman Lecture each Spring, in memory of George Alfred Holleyman, a well-respected Sussex Archaeologist, on topics as diverse as Mesolithic land surfaces, the Legend of King Arthur and medieval maritime trading posts.

Our annual fieldschool has been established at Plumpton Roman villa since 2014, with students attending the excavation from all around the world.  This year, we greeted an 81 year old and her daughter from Canada, as well as multiple 17 year olds working out the Duke of Edinburgh Award Residential Projects.  The villa has been a delight to work on, a true blend of academia and exploration.  Students and volunteers have contributed to the amassing of a wealth of archaeological data – which will be subject to post-excavation analysis and a seasonal report.

We have run workshops and day schools on all aspects of archaeology, archaeological theory, artefact identification and period synopses.

We have held workshops for other organisations, including the South Downs National Parks Association (SDNPA) and have taught experimental archaeology to schools.

Coming soon – 2017 Newsletter PDF

Coming soon – Plumpton Roman villa

Coming soon – event photos

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