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A Lamentation, of course

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The Starling is at

His loudest today, crying

Springlings to the wind.

I think of freedom

And know it as a mental

State – freedom of thought.

I cry inside for

Ukraine: neighboured by such brute

Aggressors who pit –

Metal against flesh

For the sake of territory/

Power/stark control.

Damn these hate-humans

Who are so mired in dark want

They can’t see the stars!

What a waste of this

Existence: furiously

Pumping blood from veins.

All consciousness must

Now reel back from the darkness

Where brokers whisper –

Awful threats against

All life; chant ‘nuclear’ at

Frightened nations and –

Laugh at our despair.

And yet we are not the ones

Whose homes are bombed, we –

Sleep soundly – waking

To horrors visited far –

Off – we feel safe here –

Where starling and red

Robin cry all to these clear

Blue skies, but really –

We are no more safe

Than any sentient life

On this one planet –

While those among us

Harbour toxic death by whim

As false deterrent.

What world this that makes

One species too powerful

For reason; we fail –

Even as half of

Us prop up trees with our backs

So we can all breathe.

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My daughter Alice..

My daughter Alice is a creative little lovely and she’d like to share some of her writing on mummy’s blog.

Her first post is inspired by a poetry anthology we picked up at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, based on climate change.

Ice is Melting, by Alice Lyra Seaman (age 8)

The ice is melting,

Wind and water swirling


The ice is melting,

Sun gently shining


The ice is melting,

Creatures fleeing

A broken world.

The ice is melting,

The ice is melting.

Save the kingdom of ice and snow.